A Breath of Winter

It’s cooling off here. We didn’t get the snow & cold that the Northeast did over the weekend – just one day of rain and brisk winds. Still enough, though, for me to go ahead and put up the shrinkwrap on the windows. I have plastic sheeting for the huge window to the balcony – we can’t block it since we need access to the storage and plants out there, so the sheeting works to insulate it while retaining access. It’s affordable, too; only about $15 and the sheeting can be reused for several years. I think the last one lasted 5 years or more, and could have been used for tarp after that.

Just those things – shrinkwrap & sheeting – are enough to hold in heat. The heat isn’t on, and it’s 65 in the house. Today’s high was 59, and we face east, so it’s not solar heat gain! We’re trying to wait until at least Thanksgiving to turn the heat on. We’ll see how it goes!


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