I did finally get a car. I found an 18-year-old with very low mileage that I could pay cash for, and bought it. I do still use my bike quite frequently, and have found that I do miss my rides. I recently bought a small pair of saddlebags for it. Turns it out they are designed to go over the front tire, not the back, so there is more cargo room available than I had thought. Eventually, perhaps I can get a week’s work of groceries with it.

We’re getting in this year’s garden. More tomatoes – Sungolds, Old Brooks, Celebrity, and German Striped. Flowers join the mix this year – nasturtiums, borage, marigolds, bachelor’s buttons and love-in-a-mist. Another name for bachelor’s buttons is cornflower, but bachelor’s buttons is more romantic to me so I use that name for them. Some of  these are can be used as cut flowers, and several are edible.

Mitzuna and lettuce are ready to harvest, bok choy will be soon. There is also broccoli, turnips, cabbage, onions, and a ‘mystery green’ in the ground. It would have helped if I could remember what I planted in the one row where we can see seedlings, right?