Independance Day Challenge, 18 Sept. 2011

It’s been a quiet weekend, rainy and pleasant. I’ve caught up on some of my reading as I wait for new books to come in. Fall is sneaking in slowly, and I’m starting to pull out clothes and linens for the cooler weather. Mostly because I want to; 60-70’f isn’t really cold except that it’s cooling off from 90’f and it’s damp. And I really want it to be closer to 50’f. Yes, my favorite seasons are fall and winter.

1. Gardening: Checked the sweet potatoes on the balcony. The ones I’ve kind of ignored all year. All the originals are still edible, and I pulled a fingerling-sized new one. The rest are still in the pots to give them more time to grow. Still – SUCCESS! I can grow sweet potatoes on our shady balcony! With more attention, I should get a reasonable harvest next year.

2. Waste not (preparations): nada

3. Want not (manage your stores): zip

4. Build community: zilch

5. Eat the food: Shepherd’s pie, apple pie, spaghetti. Nice warm favorite foods. Yum.

6. Crafting: Making Sweetie a basic-but-warm wool hat. He needs it in the rain/drizzle we’ve had the last couple of days.


Catching Up

I’m back! Sorry about the long break; I knew I’d be gone a few days over the holiday to visit family but wasn’t expecting to get swamped when I got back.

1. Plant something: Nothing recently.

2. Harvest something: Zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, green beans, cucumbers, Tangerine tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomatoes, beets, turnips & swiss chard.

3. Preserved something: Dried green beans, sweet bell peppers, zucchini and squash chips. Canned 24 pints yellow squash. More is waiting to be done, we just need time! We did get 4 more trays of pint jars because we were out.

4. Waste not (preparations): nothing.

5. Want not (manage your stores): Looking for bare spots so we know what we should put up for winter.

6. Build community: Talking with others at the community garden.

7. Eat the food: Yellow squash. Endless snackings of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Green beans.

8. Crafting: The ‘Cold Shoulders’ shawl is pretty much done; I just need to add the button to close it with. I’ve re-started my Twin Leaf fingerless gloves in a different yarn that is better suited to the pattern.